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Electric Vehicle Mobile Infrastructure

Last-Mile Delivery

"Go the First, Last and Extra-miles" "

Last-mile logistics are a headache for many industries. Stacking goods in shipping

containers and having them moved by rail, sea, or truck is easy.


Offering incredible flexibility, speed and efficiency for delivering orders nearly anywhere to the

doorstep is not so easy and the "Last Mile" is reckoned to be more than 50% of total delivery cost.


Our vehicles are designed to address the identified delivery issues of many lkast-mile delivery companies.


"Go-Green Delivery"

Electric Vehicles Solutions for the Last Mile Delivery Industry

Electric vehicles have emerged as a suitable option for all last-mile deliveries.  In support of The Climate Pledge commitment to be net-zero carbon by 2040, EVMI SOLUTIONS , has a full range of zero-emission Electric Delivery vehicles ideally suited for last-mile operations.

 We're committed to supporting our delivery service partners to deploy electric vehicle fleets efficiently, powered by clean electric energy. 



Bange series electric 3 wheeler, which is designed for logistics last-mile delivery, is a kind of lightweight all-electric 3 wheeler. It has the mobility of a motorcycle and the high configuration of a car in addition to the transportation capacity of a light truck with 1.6 cubic metres and 250Kg cargo capacity.

Other Last-Mile Vehicles

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