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Our Team.

Our Plan and Backgrounds
  • Andrew Firmston-Williams - CEO - With a background in the lithium-ion battery industry, since returning from Switzerland in 2016, Andrew has developed a detailed understanding of last-mile delivery logistics and sustainability demands in the UK. This, together with extensive career experience of scaling early-stage entities and a network of circa 19,000 1st level connections on LinkedIn (mane of them senior executives).

  • Rosangela Da Silva - Head Of Marketing - Born in Brazil, living in Switzerland and the UK for the last 12+ years, fluent in Portuguese and English, Rosangela has many years of experience with retail, electronic marketing, multi-channel business promotion and integrated social media campaigns for both B2B and B2C and is responsible for EVMI's programme of multi-channel marketing for eco-friendly, sustainable solutions to decarbonise last-mile delivery.

  • Matthew Fimston-Williams - Service Developer Manager - WIth a background in Sales and Marketing in the Real Estate sector and PropTech, Matt is responsible for sales negotiation with customer prospects and in particular for ensuring that customer solution offers are fit for purpose both to provide cost-effective, sustainable decarbonised last-mile delivery and to meet operational requirements of the delivery operator.

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