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Last-Mile Delivery

Last-Mile Delivery is when goods are moved from a hub to their final destination - usually the customer house.

Last-Mile Delivery is the most crucial part of the entire delivery process; every business wants to ensure its as quick and efficient as possible.


Our Products


Bange series electric 3-wheeler, which is designed for logistics last-mile delivery, is a kind of lightweight all-electric cargo scooter. It has the mobility of a motorcycle and the high configuration of a car in addition to the transportation capacity of a light truck.


The AA-cargo electric 3-wheel cargo scooter for last mile delivery, designed in Italy, manufactured in Japan.

It has the mobility and manoeuverability of a motorcycle and the high configuration of a car, and can transport cargo of up to 600 litres and 100kg with increased stability compared to a 2-wheeler

Dometic 2.png

Meal delivery re-imagined


The newly-launched Dometic Delibox allows premium food delivery from restaurants.  With hot and cold temperature zones and temperature tracking during deliveries it allow food to be delivered with restaurant quality so that diners can taste the food not the journey

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