About Us

Last-Mile Delivery Solutions

EVMI Solutions is a company focused on providing eco-friendly carbon neutral solutions to the UK's exponentially expanding delivery and cargo industries.

With home deliveries and online shopping coming to the forefront in today's marketplace, it is important to simultaneously manage the industry's impact on the air we breathe, and the world we live in.

With the pressure mounted by local and national government on transport and logistics companies, the future viability of local business may well depend on complying with new regulations.

Partnering with EVMI Solutions allows clients the opportunity to reduce fuel costs, reduce their global impact on the environment and prove to customers that they are maximising efforts to maintain the planet.

'Last-mile' logistics commonly accounts for over 50% of delivery costs. If for example a product produced or stored in the North is to be delivered to London, the delivery from the London-based depot to the customer's door regularly costs the retailer more than half of the total cost. EVMI solutions allows for clients to save money on fuel, ULEZ and congestion charge costs within Central London - the largest online delivery market in the UK.